WPO is the premier membership organization for women presidents, CEOs, and managing directors of privately held multimillion-dollar companies.


Elevating Women.

Women Presidents’ Organization, Inc. (WPO) is a nonprofit membership organization for women presidents of multimillion-dollar companies. The members of the WPO take part in professionally facilitated peer advisory groups in order to bring the “genius out of the group” and accelerate the growth of their businesses.


The problem was that much of the WPO membership does not use social media. We were tasked with finding creative ways to get members to utilize WPO social media channels and download a conference app in order to drive donations, membership and conference registrations. 

Our solution was to revamp the existing email marketing strategy for more comprehensive utilization to drive conference registrations, more comprehensively utilize conference partners and sponsors to incentivize registration, and enlist heavy on-site engagement at the conference to drive social media numbers.

Results:  After kicking off our campaign we saw an 800% increase in overall social media engagement, and a 30% increase in conference registrations. Event attendees showed enthusiasm regarding the use of the app and increased morale for implementing more advanced technology in their business & everyday lives post-conference.