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What We Do

Instead of dealing with the stress, cost and inconvenience of recruiting and retaining paralegals and legal assistants, let us solve your workload issues with our Virtual Paralegal and Administrative Support Team. Precision Paralegal enables your firm to improve productivity, minimize turnover and re-hiring hassles, training and other labor costs, while conducting business more efficiently and profitably.

When you add a Precision Paralegal to your team, you get a great team of experienced professionals working hard to complete your cases and increase your ability to grow. We will fulfill your demands quickly and effectively at lower costs than filling your office with a traditional team of paralegals and legal assistants. Let us also help you turn inbound prospects into loyal clients with smart, effective business practices.

Why Virtual Paralegal Services?


By using Precision Virtual, you engage a support team focused on providing professional paralegal services. Precision has built its operations around client needs and demands ensuring that your preferences and instructions persist long after a single project is completed. Although Precision provides you with a single point of contact with a long tenure, Precision captures your instructions in its client management tool in order to maintain your service experience on future projects regardless of the paralegal with whom you may work. In addition, the work product and knowledge base you build up with your paralegal is invaluable. Understanding projects and your own clients’ needs is critical to making you successful – no one likes repeating information, especially when you are paying for it. Losing that proprietary knowledge when a part-timer leaves is expensive and frustrating.

Part-time paralegals through temporary staffing companies leave frequently, and the work and time you invest in them to understand your business and firm leaves with them. You won’t experience that with Precision Virtual since it captures that information in its client management system and trains paralegals on your preferences as projects require new talent and expertise.

Depth and Breadth of Talent

When you engage Precision, you aren’t engaging just one paralegal, limited by that one person’s experience. You are engaging a solid team of experienced paralegals across a range of practice areas, eliminating the need to hire additional help when projects require different expertise. Precision paralegals also have 10+ years’ experience within their fields. You won’t get this depth and breadth of experience in a single paralegal through a temporary staffing company.

Agile and Efficient

Because Precision provides services on-demand with no hourly minimums or contract terms, you better enable your firm and business to adapt quickly to changing business demands while running at optimal cost efficiency. In addition, you can ramp up for large projects with the capability and talent of a big firm or legal department – all without the costs of recruiting, hiring, and managing staff.


Streamline your success, in work and life.

As you manage your law practice and juggle the day-to-day responsibilities of your firm, imagine having access to a special door, behind which stand – on-the-ready – a team of experienced paralegals across a range of practice areas.  Whether you are starting your own practice, have grown to the point where you could use day-to-day support, need help with a large project, or one of your existing clients has asked for assistance on a matter outside your normal practice, open the door!

In-House Services

We provide paralegal assistance to your legal department for paralegal projects that do not justify hiring additional staff (i.e., reviewing contract or lease files, organizing e-files, organizing company records books, managing subsidiary reorganizations, assisting in due diligence, post-merger clean-up, etc.). VPS can fortify your team when staffing is strained at certain peak times or due to overflow. For smaller legal departments with no paralegal assistance, VPS can provide on-demand assistance when you need it whether for quick research, general corporate assistance or the handling of a particular project.

VPS is a highly efficient, economical way to keep your legal budget under control, while maintaining the excellence you demand of your in-house legal group.

Leveraging virtual paralegal assistance is a sound strategy resulting in:

  • Increased productivity by delegating procedural and practical workload that is better assigned to a paralegal.

  • Maximized resources by utilizing the necessary support without incurring the salary, benefits and overhead expenses of hiring a permanent paralegal.

  • Meeting increased demand from new or increased business without staffing concerns.

  • Keeping control of your legal budget.

  • Decreasing overall costs of providing legal services.

Solo Practitioner and Small Law Firm Services

When working with Precision Paralegal, wou have a whole team of senior-level paralegals willing to assist when you need it and stand ready when you don’t. Our team of paralegals are experienced, senior-level paralegals.  The team provides clients with access to a deep and broad set of capabilities, capabilities you would expect in a large law firm.  So whether you need a corporate paralegal for your latest M&A deal or you need a litigation paralegal to assist with a civil case you are handling, open the door!

We provide solo and small practices with a seamless administrative and paralegal support staff without the costs of recruiting, hiring, and managing full-time personnel. Differing from a temporary or contract staffing agency, we establish long-term relationships with our clients and create continuity and stability that short-term staffing agencies cannot provide. Leveraging outsourced administrative and paralegal support is a sound strategy resulting in:

  • Expanded practice capabilities by having a senior team of paralegals across a range of practice areas

  • Increased value to your clients by allowing VPS to focus on your back-office and paralegal support tasks

  • Maximized resources by allowing you to focus on the more substantive legal tasks

  • Meeting increased demand from new or increased business without staffing concerns

  • Improved revenue and profit by leveraging other billable resources

Solo Plan


Small task work to keep you orgaqnized.

12 Hours of Task Work

1 Precision Paralegal Included

Startup Plan


Project work that goes beyond scheduling.

24 Hours of Task Work

1 Precision Paralegal and 1 Precision Virtual Assistant Included

Small Team Plan


36 Hours of Task Work

1 Precision Paralegal and 2 Precision Virtual Assistants Included



40 Hours of Task Work

Custom Level of Support Included


Give us your to-do list and get on with your love-to-do list.

Your company can have everything you need to do business with ease and profitability; From back office management to case development, we provide services firms need to keep their ops running efficiently. Our legal assistants and support specialists can efficiently handle the volume of routine work you face, but in a more cost effective way, allowing you to grow more profitably.


Frequently Asked Questions

I am not an attorney, can I hire you to prepare or review my legal documents?

Unfortunately not.  The preparation or review of most legal documents by a non-attorney for an individual is considered the unauthorized practice of law.  However, I can serve as the private process server for any pro se litigants.

Is it ethical for an attorney to hire a freelance paralegal?

Please refer to ABA Formal Opinion 08-451 titled Lawyer’s Obligations When Outsourcing Legal and Nonlegal Support Services.

Can I bill my VP’s time to my client?

Please refer to ABA Formal Opinion 08-451 titled Lawyer’s Obligations When Outsourcing Legal and Nonlegal Support Services.  Wilton H. Strickland, Esq. also wrote an informative piece based on this subject.  You may refer to his writing, titled The Ethics Of Outsourcing Legal Work.

Do you run a conflict check prior to accepting work?

Yes. Prior to accepting work for any case, we run a conflict check within our database to ensure that there will be no conflict of interest.

What type and size of firm is best suited to receive VP services?

We perform a wide variety of services for a wide variety of firms. Typically, sole practitioners utilize us for a broader range of tasks that larger firms have the ability to delegate amongst various departments. Thus, our law office management and administrative services are more geared towards sole practitioners and smaller firms.

How can I submit an assignment?

After becoming a client, attorneys have the option to create a profile under our secure login, where they can submit assignment requests to our virtual inbox, track progress on assignments in progress, view billing history and make payments. Alternatively, assignments can be requested and transmitted by email, fax, mail or by using a cloud-based document sharing program.  We will complete the assignment per the attorney's request and return the documents via the preferred method of transmittal by the date specified in the request. 

What is a Virtual Paralegal?

A virtual paralegal is a highly skilled legal professional that performs the same tasks as an in-house paralegal on a remote and as-needed basis. Precision Paralegals and administrative support staff are held to the same ethical and professional standards as in-house staff and produce high quality work product at a fraction of the cost. Despite not being physically located inside your office, we are equipped to seamlessly assist with all aspects of your practice via telephone, fax, email, Skype, etc. using our own equipment and software. 

What about confidential information?

Your satisfaction, privacy and peace of mind are of the utmost importance to us at Precision Virtual. As representatives of your firm, we understand the importance of professionalism and strive to deliver exceptional results while being respectful of highly-sensitive matters. We utilize secure, encrypted services to transmit documents back and forth and do not store any sensitive information on our servers once a job has been completed unless specifically instructed to do so. We are happy to sign confidentiality agreements at your request.

What are your hours of operation and what can I expect as far as turnaround time?

We are in the office Monday – Thursday from 8:30-6:00 pm, Friday 8:30 -5:00 pm EST and weekends by appointment only. We are happy to accommodate evening, weekend and rush assignments as needed. We take great pride in producing accurate, timely and professional work and are easily reachable to answer questions and provide regular status updates throughout the duration of a project. Although we are responsive to emails after hours, attorneys we work with are given a cell phone number to reach us after hours or on weekends in the event of a rush request or emergency.

Generally, assignments are completed within 24 hours of submission, but more complex tasks, such as discovery responses and drafting of more detailed documents may take a bit longer. We ask that when submitting an assignment, attorneys specify the desired date of completion, even if the assignment is not a rush request or facing a deadline. 


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