Infographic: As Gen Zers Become Parents, Here’s What Brands Need to Know

Sure, children are the future, but perhaps even more so, parents are the future. Now that Gen Z is growing up, how can brands access the ever-changing demo and target them as parents? Pregnancy and parenting organization BabyCenterteamed up with insights and strategy company Collage Group on a study analyzing the future of families and parenting to garner insights on Gen Z moms.

The research showed that Gen Z will likely hold traditional values surrounding marriage, families and parenting styles and that while they’re deeply engaged in social media, especially when compared with prior generations, they’re wary of their families being always on. “Seemingly born with mobile devices in hand, they are much savvier and accepting of the quid pro quo of digital advertising, yet the data showed they’re also conflicted about technology and its role in their lives,” said Julie Michaelson, head of global sales at BabyCenter. “The Gen Z psyche is a balancing act, and the opportunity for marketers is to create the messages that help them strike that balance.”

The Future of Families.jpg
Jen Coy