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Proposal Intro: What we do . Our Process . A Quick Look At Our Past Creative Work


What we do




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Systems architecture

front-end & back-end development

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Brand strategy


logo design

visual identity system

brand guidelines


Creative direction

user experience

user interface & visual design


Package design strategy


Social media campaigns

email campaigns

paid media & ad buying

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Content Marketing

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project leads


Erin Washington

Currently, Erin Washington serves as the Marketing Coordinator for the Atlanta Falcons and Mercedes Benz Stadium. There, she is responsible for managing and executing grassroots marketing strategies and tactics, organizing events that will make a lasting impact and developing innovative approaches to building a stronger brand.

Washington has extensive experience working to develop and execute institutional advertising campaigns and activations, actively pitch and secure press, create, plan, track and promote and design all press materials for companies such as the Apollo Theater, Zahkii Sports Management and Simone Smalls Public Relations and more!

Spotlight: Erin secured more than 23 million national and local media impressions for The Keenan Lewis Foundation Football Camp and Back to School Extravaganza.

Erin holds a B.A. from Louisiana State University (LSU) with a concentration in Public Relations. 

Jenelle Coy

Jenelle Coy is a first-generation American and an award-winning multidisciplinary entrepreneur with a demonstrated work history in marketing and advertising. Most notably, Jenelle is also the Managing Partner of Coy Plus, an award-winning multidisciplinary creative & digital strategy firm based in Washington, DC with a team of 16 and a portfolio of clients worldwide. In business, Jenelle has led her company to a three-year revenue growth rate of 30,000% and two corporate acquisitions.  She holds a B.A. from Howard University and is currently pursuing a Master of Science (M.S.) in Financial Management from Harvard University.

Jenelle lives in Washington, DC and her businesses operate in Washington, DC, New York, London and most recently Shanghai. As of 2018, Jenelle is the recipient of the following awards: 

• 2018 Forbes 30 Under 30 – Marketing & Advertising

• 2018 Walker’s Legacy Washington, DC Power 15 Award

• 2018 Entrepreneur Magazine – 360 Most Innovative Business

• 2018 Washington Business Journal Minority Business Leaders

• 2017 Washington Women in PR Emerging Leader Honoree


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Creative Proposal

The Coy + Perfect Pear Proposal: Project Overview . Relevant Case studies . Budget Assessment


Project Overview:

Creating a timeless brand that resonates amongst various audiences and channels requires several stages of research and testing to perfect, prior to execution. A rebrand should not serve to speak to today’s current climate and issues – it should reflect where the organization, and the causes it advocates on behalf of, will be 2 or 5 years from now in relation to the problem it is solving.

We are tasked with creating & bolstering brand awareness for Perfect Pear using tactics like social media, digital marketing, partnership development, SEO, ad-buying and research development.

Project Approach

Everyday we evaluate impact and our team members challenge one another, asking, “How is this tactic going to move the ball forward and achieve results?” There are no shortcuts to building a genuine and sustainable campaigns. Our award-winning team is recognized for the strength of our strategic thinking, the excitement of our creativity and the unmistakable humanity that lives in all our campaigns. We work as a client’s partner throughout the process to establish a voice, a strategy and a new research & polling campaign that will generate interest among all constituencies and achieve results. Our experience has taught us that the richer the information we uncover, the richer the product we produce. Our methodology hinges around the following stages that will each have their own review period with Perfect Pear leadership:


Discover: Research & Education

7 Days

The first phase of the Perfect Pear branding and marketing initiative includes research and pre-planning and is the single most important phase. It is also the only phase that will last the duration of the entire engagement. During the discovery phase, we will expand upon the goals set forth by your team.

Define & Strategize

Define & Strategize

21 Days

Based on initial discovery, we will analyze the project and begin to concept the deliverables and map out KPIs. During this phase, we hope to conduct an internet-based focus group or survey process surrounding the Perfect Pear target conversation starters. Upon completion of the discover phase focus groups, the following will be explored and executed:

  • Development of a unique brand voice and visual style that complements current Perfect Pear campaigns that build deeper and closer ties within the target community;

  • Development of cohesive brand style guide for holistic Perfect Pear use for initiatives after our engagement;

  • Creation of two web mock-ups (website & membership platform) that tackles segmented requests made in the provided web brief;

    • Using the mock-ups as a guide, we allow for an unlimited number of requests & edits during the Define & Strategize phase.

    • Upon approval this web mock-up will be developed into a fully developed website with functioning membership platform during the Design phase.




Upon creating the framework of the branding and marketing relationship, design implementation portions of the engagement will be ongoing. We will work alongside your leadership to fully recreate the Perfect Pear digital presence. The following deliverables will be completed during this phase:

  • Creation of website & community platform based on approval of the mock-up created in the Define & Strategize phase.

  • Advising on and executing creative aspects outside of the engagement that will impact the rebrand - for cohesiveness;

    • This includes: existing logo, existing color schemes, existing event flyers, social media templates, partnership decks, letterheads etc.

  • Solidify & continuously update key messages, target personas, competitive analysis and key branding;

  • Creation of email marketing templates, templates for social media campaigning, templates for letterhead, capabilities statement (if needed) and deck design.



1 Day per Month

During project implementation, we conduct a series of QA tests to ensure a flawless transition of new brand materials. The following corresponding elements will be completed during this phase:

  • If needed, creation of print mock-ups for collateral (business cards, postcards, stickers, inserts, envelopes, flyers, banners, t-shirts, etc.);

  • Execution of additional web-based focus group to garner feedback on web rebrand;

  • Execution of internal stakeholder surveys to garner feedback on web rebranding;

  • Continuous approval from Perfect Pear leadership and prominent stakeholders;

  • Completing additional strategy and assessments, revisiting Discover, Define & Design stages as needed.




Once all facets of the branding and marketing campaign work have been tested, approved and previewed by decision makers & stakeholders, we complete the implementation of the engagement across all channels (web, social media & email). During delivery of the campaign, there will be weekly analysis of metrics.

Relevant Case Studies

Website with Membership Platform

Website with Membership Platform: Beyond Type 1

E-Commerce Website

Shopify E-Commerce Website Creation: Moscot

Digital Rebrand

Digital Rebrand: pure Barre


Building A Successful Client Relationship:

In developing a successful relationship with the Perfect Pear team, we look forward to standing weekly calls of roughly 15 minutes and a direct responsive contact in leadership that shall respond to correspondence within 48-hours; Calls may also be bi-weekly at 30 minutes. We look forward to enjoying a relationship that encourages creative, out-of-box, untraditional ideas that will bolster a fresh look & feel that tackles the objectives head on.

Onboarding: At the start of the working relationship, we look forward to a thorough web-based on-boarding session led by Coy + that walks through goals, deliverables, internal communications strategy and any additional information that will be pertinent to completion of the work. Prior to the onboarding session, we ask that you take 2-hours to complete the Coy + Brand Formula Workbook which can either be sent digitally or in a printed workbook format. During our on-boarding session, we will walk through the exercises in this workbook, which will help shape the direction of the engagement. The onboarding process will be the most time consuming phase for the client – with a request of 2 hours for onboarding.

Project Management: For efficiency, Coy + principal team member Jenelle Coy and Erin Washington will be the representatives that will engage in primary interface with Perfect Pear, amongst our bustling teams of qualified employees, subject-matter experts, consultants, creatives, and sub-contractors. Our designer & developer will participate in interface with you on an as needed basis.

Billing: If selected to do business with the Perfect Pear, we look forward to receiving a deposit upon contract signing equivalent to 50% of one monthly retainer. We look forward to timely invoice fulfillment under a “Net 10” contract condition and billing at the start of the month, we offer a 2% invoice discount on pre-paid invoices that are fulfilled immediately using Freshbooks pre-pay capabilities.

We are hopeful that upon completion of a successful brand campaign, Coy + will be given priority selection in future work for Perfect Pear PR, marketing, creative and event projects.


Allotment of Time Spent


Ongoing Work After Initial Engagement:

The following suggestions fall within our core buckets of work with clients: Digital Marketing & Event Integrations

  • Ongoing Content Management (Blog, Social Media)

  • Ongoing Digital Marketing (SEO, PR, Stakeholder Engagement)

  • Ongoing Brand Partnership Development

  • Ongoing Event Ideation & Planning

  • Fully Developed Membership Platform

Initial Projected Deliverables:

  • Fully Developed Website with E-Commerce Capabilities (including SEO & Migration)

  • Social Media Templates

  • Email Marketing Templates

  • Partnership Deck Template

  • Brand Style Guide


Proposed Pricing Structures

$5,000 per month

Initial Website Content Creation
Ongoing Website Content Management
E-Commerce Website Management
Social Media Content & Management
Including graphic design, video production and IGTV production (capped)
Search Engine Optimization
Media Planning & Buying
Graphic Design
Executing Concepts for Event Activations
Partnership Development
Product Roadmapping
Analytics & Insights

12 hours per month of virtual assistant services that may include: Email Management Research Scheduling

$3,000 per month

Search Engine Optimization
Social Media Content & Management
Graphic Design
Executing Concepts for Event Activations
Partnership Development
Product Roadmapping
Analytics & Insights

5 hours per month of virtual assistant services that may include: Email Management, Research, Scheduling

A la Carte Options

Marketing$750 per month
Five (5) graphics/per month for Social Media
One (1) video for Social Media
Management of Existing Influencer Relationships Social Media

Public Relations$550 per month
One (1) press release and 20 pitches
Media Kit Development
Management of Existing Influencer Relationships

Administrative$669 per month
12 hours per month of virtual assistant services that may include: Email Management, Research, Scheduling and more.

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How To Get Started


Dee, we make this process as easy as possible for you. In fact, it’s as easy as “1,2,3…” If you are interested in moving forward, please contact your project leads, Jenelle Coy and Erin Washington, using the form below. Next, the following steps will be taken to begin the project execution:

  1. An agreement will be sent over for signature on the Freshbooks platform.

  2. A 50% deposit of one monthly retainer fee is expected upon signing the agreement to work together – these funds will be placed in escrow. For transparency, this does not represent

  3. The project will begin immediately, with a Brand Formula Workbook being sent to you (hard copy or electronic), by scheduling an on-boarding session, and by choosing which day to have our standing calls. During the onboarding, you will receive a final timeline, list of deliverables and payment schedule.

Once the onboarding takes place, and calls are scheduled, you have handed the project off to the Coy + team and we will hand it back to you towards the end of December.

As the client, you will have consistent, un-prohibited access to the website as it is being developed so that you will have a visual guide for our bi-weekly calls.

During our engagement, the best way to say “Thank you!” is to refer us within your network and to consider our team for additional service work.